YO YOGA SOUL runs yoga retreats, classes, and workshops including Mindful yoga in schools and colleges.

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Want to know more about how yoga can benefit your pupils?

Yo Yoga Soul provides regular adult Yoga Classes, Workshops and Luxury Retreats. Click on the link above, to learn more, or alternatively, check our Facebook page for regular updates.

We also deliver stress-busting and fun Yoga classes and Mindfulness for primary school children, young adults, teachers, schools and colleges. Yoga and Mindfulness provide the perfect break in a busy, competitive and challenging world with 24 hour technological connectivity, especially for the young who, whilst having to develop their own sense of identity, are dealing with great physical and mental development when expectations to be perfect, fit in, and succeed at college or school are their major concerns. It allows them to find emotional balance, happiness and well-being which can come about through the holistic mind-body approach of Mindful Yoga which helps to decrease the anxiety and self-consciousness that comes with this age group.  

According to a leading teaching union, 67% of teachers have said that the workload of their profession has impacted negatively on their physical and mental health. This makes teacher well-being a priority for schools and colleges. Studies have suggested that Mindfulness and Yoga can reduce teacher burnout, sickness absence and can also improve their performance in the classroom.  

Yo Yoga Soul is also a Mind with Heart Educator offering a fully interactive Character-based Mindfulness curriculum. We can deliver either a one off introductory workshop, or a 10 session module which gives tools for developing empathy, compassion, awareness and Mindful attention. Mindfulness is proven to cultivate focus, increase educational attainment, enhance emotional resilience, health and well-being as well as improve pupil relationships and behaviour which also reduces levels of bullying including cyber. With Mind with Heart we can also provide full staff training to help your school or college deliver Mindfulness to your pupils or students.