What is Mindfulness?

It is a state of awareness resulting from the conscious attention of physical sensation, such as the breath. Its practice improves our physical and mental well-being by making us more centred and calm.

Why a Mindfulness-based approach in the classroom?

A good education not only teaches young people how to look after their physical health, but equally their own mental health not just for academic success, but for long-term well-being. Mindfulness improves emotional resilience and regulation. It makes learning more effective and rewarding thus improving educational attainment. Mindfulness also helps to reduce bullying which is a contributory factor in poor mental health and is an effective class management tool to improve pupil behaviour.

Due to the unprecedented escalation of mental health problems in the young, about three in every class, with child and adolescent mental health services under increasing pressure, and the children's counselling charity, Place2be indicating that almost 90 per-cent of school staff have had to provide more support for pupils with mental health problems in the past two years, the urgency to innovate in education by providing the basic life skill of Mindfulness for emotional well-being is all the more necessary. It has also been advocated by the recent All-Party Parliamentary Group (MPPG) report, ‘Mindful Nation UK' as an effective intervention in preventing and reducing mental health problems in children and adolescents in schools and colleges.

Ofsted’s new inspection guidelines state that for schools to gain a good rating, pupils must enjoy learning about how to stay healthy and about emotional and mental health. To be outstanding, schools must enable students to be able to make informed choices about fitness and their emotional and mental well-being.

What we offer

With Mind with Heart we can provide full staff training to help you deliver Mindfulness in your school or college to your pupils or students. We also deliver one off introductory workshops on Mindfulness or a full ten week character-based Mindfulness programme, both with materials.  Please get in touch via our Contact page to find out how Yo Yoga Soul can benefit your school or college by offering a bespoke interactive Mindfulness curriculum by a qualified teacher with twenty years classroom experience.

There is still much more for us to learn and do to enable all children to enjoy good mental health and emotional well-being, and...schools and colleges have a vital role in achieving that. That is where mindfulness...comes in.
— Edward Timpson, Minister for Vulnerable Children and Families, Mindfulness in Schools Debate, House of Commons, 6/9/16
By steading one’s attention in [mindfulness]...one can learn to respond in more clear-headed, versatile, and creative ways to daily choices and challenges, instead of being driven by habit and impulse...the most effective time to learn [this] is during childhood.
— Nic Dakin, Shadow Schools Minister, ex-Principal of John Leggott Sixth Form, Mindfulness in Schools Debate, House of Commons, 6/9/16
We want schools to have a whole-school approach that makes talking about feelings, emotions and well-being as normal for pupils as talking about their physical bodies. That might include...whole-school programmes such as mindfulness...or yoga sessions.
— Edward Timpson, Minister for Vulnerable Children and Families, Mindfulness in Schools Debate, House of Commons, 6/9/16