Six Week Mindfulness for Schools Programme

Mindfulness cultivates compassion, attention and focus with an attitude of acceptance (not reactivity), thus allowing pupils to make discerning choices. It helps students to prioritize what matters in their study by fostering Carol Dweck's positive Growth Mindset.

This is what the Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group, which reviewed scientific evidence on Mindfulness, said in a report in 2015:  "We believe that government should widen access to mindfulness training in key public....We recommend making mindfulness in schools a priority for development and research. Mindfulness programmes are popular with children and teachers, and research has shown promising potential, with an impact on a wide range of measures including wellbeing, executive function (attention, focus), emotional self-regulation and improved relationships"

Does your school or college want to enhance the following?

  • Well-being and emotional resilience;
  • Study skills by cultivating focus;
  • Exam results by managing stress;
  • Relationships and prevent bullying, including cyber.

The Six Week Mindfulness for Schools Programme content is highly interactive, includes all resources and covers the following areas:

1. What is Mindfulness? Who am I? What is my purpose? Setting intentions and aspirations.
2. How to tame the mind, the Pillars of Mindfulness and creating a Growth Mindset.  
3. How to recognize stress and worry and how to befriend it.
4. Gratitude and how to cultivate happiness.
5. Mindfulness in everyday action: movement, walking, eating and doing schoolwork.
6. Relationships, communication and moving from reacting to responding.

Are you yet to be convinced that this programme is suitable for your school? Speak to us about YoYogaSoul delivering a free presentation on the science of Mindfulness and its benefits to the Governors, Senior Management and Pastoral Team. YoYogaSoul can also offer a free 45 minute interactive health and well-being taster workshop for staff introducing Mindfulness and Chair Yoga techniques.

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