• Millions of people around the world practice this ancient discipline.

  • It's more than just exercise - movement is co-ordinated with breathing techniques for relaxation.

  • It helps to reduce stress and anxiety and provide a sense of well-being.

  • It has a strong following among celebrities and athletes such as Russell Brand, Ryan Giggs, Robert Downey Jr., Andy Murray and Lady Gaga.


how can yoga help your students?

  • Mental well-being: Reduces anxiety and stress; improves sleep.

  • Fitness: Improves posture, flexibility, motor skills, balance and strength as students' bodies change and grow.

  • Academic achievement: Enhances memory, focus, comprehension and concentration.

  • Cultivates self-awareness leading to better behaviour and decision making.

WHAT happens in class?

  • Pupils of any ability can do yoga: The sporty, unsporty, boys and girls.

  • There's always a warm-up: Instruction is given on a cardio-boosting 'sun salutation.'

  • Guidance is provided on specific poses to stretch and strengthen muscles.

  • Breathing and relaxation techniques are taught.

  • Rates for classes vary according to your requirements. Grant funding can often be provided - get in touch to find out more.




Yo Yoga Soul can offer classes prior and following the school or college day, during lunchtime, as a workshop, as part of PE/PSHE, in the lead up to examination period, and on health and well-being days. 

Mindfulness based Yoga classes support students in staying physically healthy as well as allowing them to explore and reflect on life purpose, cause and effect, resilience, obstacles, relationships, feelings and emotions.

Young people experience a great deal of pressure, and consequently stress, to perform well in school due to the high expectations on them both academically and socially. Yoga is a great way to deal with this and it has been extremely well received by students.
— John Chantry, Vice Principal, Ralph Allen School