Mindfulness and Yoga for staff in schools and colleges

According to a leading teaching union, 67% of teachers have said that the workload of their profession has impacted negatively on their physical and mental health. This makes well-being a priority for retaining and supporting not just teachers, but all staff in an educational institution. Studies have suggested that Mindfulness and Yoga can reduce burnout, increase greater resilience to stress, lessen anxiety and sickness absence as well as improve relations and co-operation between colleagues. It can also enhance attention, concentration and focus thus aiding performance.

Yoga creates Mindful attention in staff on how they are affected by their daily role. As a result, they notice the first sign of stress and are more likely to be involved in greater self-care: They enjoy their work more and have a better work/life balance.

Mindful Yoga helps staff explore their reaction to stressful situations, especially if they cannot control the event itself or those involved. It allows them to remain calm and act on better decisions as it creates a break between thought, emotion and action. Furthermore, it is also a positive agent in accepting change whether this is driven by the school, college or government policy. Staff instead see challenges rather than obstacles or problems. 

Tristessa’s classes are relaxed and have a lovely nurturing energy about them. Whatever your level, Tristessa guides and encourages you to challenge yourself. I love her classes!
— Michelle Lee, Drama Teacher
The classes are excellent. Tristessa is so knowledgeable and makes you feel relaxed and at home in the classes; the perfect combination to enable you to get the most out of the sessions. She takes time to check on your own needs (as an ex-dancer I have lower back problems). She makes suggestions and adapts exercises to your requirements. A lovely teacher.
— Bridget Jacques, Dance Teacher
Tristessa is a brilliant teacher and really knows how to connect with people. She is so friendly and approachable and has a lovely energy that makes her great fun to be around. Give her classes a go! You’ll be glad you did...
— Cheryl Reynolds, Senior University Lecturer