The challenge for schools

  • Teacher retainment, workload, recruitment, and burnout are a significant issue for educational leaders.
  • 67% of teachers have said that stress has impacted negatively on their ability to work, and 31% of teachers experienced a mental health issue in the previous year (2018 survey).
  • Teacher mental health affects performance in the classroom and the educational outcomes of their pupils.

What are the benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness?

  • Yoga and Mindfulness are contemplative practices which focus and quieten the mind as our thoughts impact on our well-being. By creating self-awareness on the effects of stress, self-care is increased.
  • Combined with breath awareness and relaxation techniques, Yoga helps to relieve stress.
  • Yoga improves posture, flexibility, muscle tone, and strength as well as reduce instances of back, neck, and shoulder problems.

How can Mindfulness and Yoga help staff well-being?

  • Reduces teacher burnout, increases resilience to stress, lessens anxiety, and sickness absence.
  • In creating a break between thought, emotion, and action, they help teachers to be less emotionally reactivity and negative. 
  • Improves relations and co-operation between colleagues.
  • Enhances attention, concentration, and focus thus aiding success and performance. 

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