Mindfulness Workshop for Educational Staff

Introductory workshop or half-day CPD. Staff will learn self-care, how to find calm, develop self-awareness, build emotional intelligence, and how to create and maintain healthy relationships.

Character-based Mindfulness Classes for Pupils

Connect with Yourself or Connect with Others curriculum (8- or 10-weeks delivery). With both the Connected programmes, students will learn how to know themselves more fully in order to 'get the best' out of who they are and develop tools for building values and making decisions. An additional cost is added per pupil to receive a specialist workbook to take away.

Staff training to deliver Character based Mindfulness to Pupils

This is delivered over 3 days or 10 evenings by YoYogaSoul and Mind with Heart Trainers. The training can also be spaced over the academic year. Teachers will explore research-based tools of Mindfulness and how these can be presented to their students to enhance self-care, motivation, and to be present even with challenging emotions and situations.

Mindful Yoga for Education Staff

Weekly sessions or a half/full day event for Well-being or CPD Days. The sessions look at how specific Yoga poses, breathing, and relaxation techniques can combat stress and prevent teacher burn-out delivered alongside self-care tips. Talk to us about FREE funding if taken with regular Mindful Yoga classes for pupils.

Mindful Yoga for Pupils

Weekly sessions of half/full day event for Well-being Days / Transition Week / Induction Week. The sessions are resilience and character based around specific themes, for example, fearlessness, self-confidence, having a positive body image, finding your inner power, being a leader not a follower, and overcoming obstacles with a growth mindset. Talk to us about FREE funding.

De-stress workshop or block of lessons for Pupils during the exam and SATs period

These sessions will look at the psychology of stress, memory, and how we can learn more effectively. Handy well-being lifestyle tips will be provided as well as how to use specific Yoga poses, breathing, and relaxation techniques to get the best out of our brains.